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Cake Pops and Cakesicles

Cake Pops

Cake pops are a really fun addition to any party or dessert table, they are formed of our delicious sponge cake mixed with ganache and then dipped in chocolate. Flavours are typically vanilla and chocolate but other flavours are available on request.



Sprinkle topped cake pops £4.00 each 

Bespoke cake pops from £5.50 each 


Cakesicles are our newest item available. They are a mix of chocolate and crushed biscuits making them a sweet crunchy bite of deliciousness. 



Bespoke cakesicles start from £4.50 each 


Choice of White, Milk or Dark Chocolate

Filling: Oreo, Digestive Biscuit, Rich Tea Biscuit, Lotus/ Biscoff

Flavourings: Plain, Lemon, Vanilla, Coconut

White and Gold Cakesicles
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